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About Koolwall

The Koolwall polystyrene Wall Cladding

Imagine a wall cladding that satisfies the energy rating requirements of external cladding, reduces your energy costs and protects the environment. Active Building Systems is a market leader in manufacturing innovative and sustainable building products.

Koolwall is a factory manufactured, reinforced polystyrene cladding, which is lightweight, easy to cut, has minimal installation time and satisfies the requirements as set out by the Building Code of Australia for suitable building cladding.

Koolwall, the energy smart wall cladding has revolutionised the way in which we build. It provides you with all these benefits along with the added bonus of saving you money on your existing building costs.

As the manufacturers of the koolwall external cladding system, we are proud to say that we are the only system available on the Australian market which is supplied to its customers as a full cladding system. It is for these reasons why we are the market leaders . Everything from the patented fixing system to the Ezytrim pvc render beads, the Ezycoat cement render, Ezycoat acrylic render and the Ezycoat paint are all manufactured and provided as part of the entire koolwall external cladding System.

Koolwall polystyrene cladding is backed by a 10 year warranty on every component of the system and certified by engineers. Why would you risk your family investment with anyone else? Australian Made & Australian owned.

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Koolwall, Modern Building Made Easy

Are you looking for the next generation of building materials to make your building project faster, easier, safer, lower cost and more environmentally friendly?

Koolwall is paving the way for modern Australian builders with the innovative reinforced polystyrene wall cladding, and is an all Australian owned company. Because of this, Koolwall is made for our climates and is designed to be a highly energy efficient, remarkably strong cladding system. Perfect for our Aussie building conditions and environment.

While Koolwall is super strong, it’s also remarkably lightweight making it easy to transport and cut, part of the reason installation times are faster with Koolwall than with more traditional materials.

The full benefits of Koolwall explain why this modern Australian building material is growing exponentially in popularity, and is here to stay.

Koolwall is Australian owned

Imagine being able to say that your stunning new home was built with the latest Australian designed building materials. In fact, we're proud to say that Koolwall is asystem available on the Australian market which is supplied to its customers as a full warranted cladding system.

Everything from the Koolwall patented fixing system to the Ezytrim PVC render beads, the Ezycoat cement render, Ezycoat acrylic render and the Ezycoat membrane paint are all manufactured by us and provided as part of the entire Koolwall Australian made external cladding System.

Koolwall is cost-effective luxury

You've likely driven past numerous luxury homes around Australia that are built using the Koolwall cladding system.

But did you know that Koolwall polystyrene cladding can be significantly cheaper than traditional materials for a new home build?

And it's not only the aesthetics, Koolwall stands for quality. Quality in its manufacturing process and ability to stand the test of time in our harshest of Australian environments. That's why Koolwall cladding is backed by a full 10-year warranty. You'd be hard-pressed to find a higher quality Australian made building material for your next home or commercial premises.

Koolwall is energy efficient

Koolwall is remarkably energy efficient because it's a reinforced polystyrene cladding, not too dissimilar to the materials used in cool rooms, cold goods transport trucks and large food factories where heat transfer needs to be kept at a minimum. Heat or cold kept in, or out.

Now Australia architects, designers and builders are turning to Koolwall for residential homes in place of your traditional brick and mortar building materials. Consider brick homes in Australia and their inefficiencies. Brick absorbs heat all day long and therefore requires air-conditioning all night long. Wood homes like old Queenslanders are even less efficient when it comes to insulation, often requiring huge amounts of energy to heat or cool throughout the year. Koolwall is simply the next generation when it comes to insulated cladding.

Active Building Systems

Koolwall Technical Info

Technical Advise and Support

Trained, experienced and qualified in the fields of building, polystyrene cladding, cement rendering and painting ensures that our technical team are well informed to give you the best professional advice and support for your projects.

Quick Turn Around on Quotations

Active Buildings Systems has estimators able to offer accurate quotations to ensure minimal wastage as part of the renowned service. So whether you’re at the design stage or ready for an onsite measure, just contact our friendly staff and we’ll look after the rest.

Project Management

Choose from supply only and have one of our qualified technicians run through the installation details. Or take advantage of our Project Management Team and let us look after the installation, rendering works and painting. We conduct inspections throughout the project at each stage and ensure completing works correctly and on time.

10 Year Warranty

Active Building System manufactures to the highest of standards and we back that with a 10 year warranty. Our extensive laboratory testing ensures that our products have been engineered and tested to meet Australian Standards. So when you choose koolwall for your next project you can rest assured you have made the right choice.

Koolwall is super easy to install

Aside from its Australian leading energy efficiency, Koolwall has positively revolutionised the way we build. It’s so simple and safe to cut and assemble, that Koolwall will save you vast amounts of time and money when compared to more traditional building materials.

Each Koolwall Panel covers 3.0 sq/m and to make it even easier, the Koolwall cladding system comes as a complete kit. Ezytrim PVC renders beads, the Ezycoat cement render, Ezycoat acrylic render and the Ezycoat paint can all be supplied with your Koolwallpolystyrene cladding.

Koolwall exceeds many Australian and NZ standards

Certified by the most stringent Australian building authorities, Koolwall meets the required national construction code and holds a Codemark certification.

This Codemark certification gives DIY home builders, architects, property developers and builders the peace of mind and security that Koolwall meets, and in many areas exceed all Australian cladding system standards.

A full 10-year warranty, expert installers available.

Koolwall is manufactured to the highest of standards and backed with a comprehensive 10-year warranty. Our extensive laboratory tests ensure each batch of Koolwall is engineered and samples are stress tested to the toughest of Australian Standards. You can rest assured knowing that you new home will be one of the strongest on the street!

Additionally, you can choose to have one of our qualified technicians go through the installation details with you, or take full advantage of our Project Management Team and let us look after the installation, rendering works and painting for you. The choice is yours.

Get a quote today for your building project!

If you're looking for a fast, safe, affordable and highly energy efficient cladding system that's ideal for our Australian homes, please get in touch with the friendly Koolwall team today on 1300 566 592.

Your local Koolwall team can also prepare a tailored quote for you with our estimators providing accurate quotations that have minimal wastage, helping even further reduce costs and construction time.

If you are at the design stage, or ready for a full onsite measure and quote, contact the friendly Koolwall team today and we’ll make sure your home is timeless in design and quality.

Koolwall Technical Info

Koolwall polystyrene cladding exhibits various beneficial properties to both the home owner and the builder. Its durable and lightweight nature ensures the builder a quicker installation. Each koolwall Panel covers 3.0 sq/m. A combination of all these benefits allows the builder to establish lock-up stage more rapidly than using conventional building materials such as concrete block & clay brick.

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Koolwall Certificate

CodeMark Certification

CodeMark is a building product certification scheme developed by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB), in consultation with the New Zealand Department of Building and Housing, State and Territory Governments, Industry Groups and prospective Certifications Bodies.

This Trans-Tasman scheme will enable the pooling of resources and expertise and increase the access to both markets for product manufacturers who are producing quality products that are manufactured &conform to a standard.

The CodeMark mark of conformity provides mandatory acceptance by building control authorities / Building certifiers. It gives these professionals peace of mind and security that the product the builder has used meets Australian standards and more importantly Building standards that are set by the Building Codes Board of Australia.

The Koolwall Panel System & Ezycoat Render-Texture_Paint was the first system of its kind to achieve this accreditation. For many years the the Koolwall Panel System carried the then highest and most respected certification of its kind via the CSIRO appraisal system. Its ongoing quality and repeated use in the industry by professional builders has resulted in its CODE MARK Accreditation.


In order to ensure that what is specified by the designer is maintained right through to completion of the project your Building designer should ensure that the Builder on the project provides a form 15 from the supplier of the Koolwall Panel System & a Form 16 from the Installer.Blank

Form 15 & Form 16 are available in the Koolwall Downloads for your referral or from the Department of Housing web site or follow the link under Forms from the Queensland Building & Construction Commission (Qbcc) Web site

This will provide peace of mind to the Building Designer, Building Certifier, Builder & home Owner, that everything you have chosen conforms to Australian Building Code Standards and no nasty surprises will raise their head at a later stage.

With over 30 years experience in the building industry, Active Building Systems continues to research and develop new building materials to produce the highest quality building products available for Australian house construction. Our products aren’t just used in making a quality house but in building beautiful Australian homes.

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